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18 October 2022
Deno vs. Node.js — Five Major Differences You Should Consider

Highlight key differences between Deno and Node.js and what developers should consider when making a decision on them.

1 August 2022
How to Generate and Validate an OAuth 2.0 State Parameter with Node.js

OAuth 2.0 state parameters help guard against CSRF attacks, maintain application state, and preserve user sessions. Learn how to generate and validate OAuth 2.0 state parameters.

19 July 2022
Can Node.js Send Email? 3 Options and How to Add Them to Your App

Explore three ways to send email from Node.js applications & how to add them to your app. And code samples help you get started right away.

7 July 2022
Supporting Web Workers API in Node.js vs Just Using Deno

Does adding Web Workers API support to Node.js make sense given it already has Worker Threads? Or is it really only required now because it’s also “available in Deno"?

7 July 2022
Node.js WebSocket Client: 3 Ways to Implement One

This article will explore the best ways to implement a Node.js WebSocket client. Let's find out more by diving deep in this post.

29 April 2022
A Scalable Integrations Story With Asana, Google Calendar, and EveryAuth

Previously, I walked through how to get set up with Google Calendar within minutes using EveryAuth. Learn today how to scale this to multiple services, starting with Asana.

22 April 2022
Integrate Google Calendar To Your Node.js Express App Quickly Using EveryAuth

Add a Google Calendar integration to your Node.js Express app without having to worry about the headache of OAuth flows & access token management.

19 April 2022
Node 18 Release - Top New Features

node-18 is finally here, and fusebit has been following what’s included for months now. Read our summaries of the big features in this latest Node release.

16 April 2022
Node.js 18 Introduces Prefix-Only Core Modules

Node.js 18 is introducing a new type of core module that can't be imported like all of the other core modules. These new modules are called prefix-only core modules, and you need to understand how they work.

14 April 2022
Which Node.js OAuth Library Does Your App Need?

Finding a Node.js OAuth Library for your app gets confusing really quickly. Read this post to learn about the more popular options and what they each do.

11 April 2022
Build a Plugin System With Node.js

Writing a plugin system enables your application to be extensible, modular, and customizable. Learn how to write your own from scratch using Node.js and TypeScript.

8 April 2022
Plugin Architecture Overview Between Express, Fastify and NestJS

Learn how the most popular Node.js web frameworks approach extensibility and modularity throughout different plugin patterns.

1 April 2022
Generate WebAssembly With AssemblyScript: a TypeScript-like Language

Learn how to write WebAssembly code with the familiarity of a TypeScript-like language, create low-level code with the existing web ecosystem you already know.

24 March 2022
Create an Interactive Image Carousel in Slack

Learn how to use Slack block kit to build an interactive Image Carousel

24 March 2022
A Built-in Test Runner Is Coming to Node and Why You Should Care

Node.js is adding a built-in testing module to Node core. It will come in the form of a new node test module that exposes an API for creating, and executing JavaScript tests.

18 March 2022
Google Calendar Webhooks with Node.js

Google’s Calendar API provides push notifications that let you watch for changes to resources. Learn how to create WebHooks to listen and respond to Calendar changes using Node.js.

18 March 2022
API Metering for Express Apps Using BigQuery

This post introduces Express middleware that allows you to start sending HTTP API metering data from your app to BigQuery in under ten minutes.

14 March 2022
Supercharge your Webmaster Skills using the Google Search Console API with Node.js

Google’s Search Console API is an extremely useful tool for webmasters who rely on traffic data and SEO optimizations as a critical part of informing their online strategy.

23 February 2022
Node.js Adds Support for Direct Registry-less HTTPS Imports

Node is planning to introduce support for HTTPS imports in Node 18 - a feature that enables you to use urls to directly import modules over HTTPS into your project.

15 February 2022
Run Every Node.js Version in AWS Lambda

Run any version of Node.js in AWS Lambda within hours after release using custom AWS Lambda runtimes from Fusebit

2 February 2022
fetch() In Node.js Core: Why You Should Care

Node 17.5 introduces support for the fetch() HTTP client, a new way to send requests to HTTP APIs.

24 January 2022
Run Node.js from Google Sheets

Import data from any API or data source to Google Sheets using Node.js, NPM, and Fusebit Connectors.