Developer Blog

19 May 2022
How to Use the Gmail API in Node.js - A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Follow this guide to setting up and using Gmail API in Node.js to read, drafts, and send emails.

19 May 2022
Create Your First Node.js GitHub Action, a How-To Guide

In this post, you'll learn what GitHub Actions are and how to create your first GitHub Action for your Node.js application.

17 May 2022
New Express 5 Features to Try

Express.js 5 is currently in Beta. In this article, we will cover the new Express.js 5 features and why Node.js developers should try them out.

17 May 2022
Sending Email With the Gmail API, A How-To Guide

In this post, we'll cover the basics of Gmail API and how to send emails using the Gmail API accompanied by examples and code.

12 May 2022
GitHub Search API, An Introduction With Examples

Learn how to construct search queries to use GitHub Search API to search users, repositories, commits, and code messages.

7 May 2022
How to Use the GitHub API to List Repositories

GitHub offers developers a powerful API. In this post, learn how to use GitHub API to list repositories in several different ways.

6 May 2022
How to Use the GitHub Pulls API to Manage Pull Requests

The GitHub API is powerful, but getting started might be frustrating. In this post, we'll walk you through a GitHub API pull request.

6 May 2022
Discord's REST API, An Introduction With Examples

Let's take a look at what the Discord API is, how to set it up, and the steps for making requests to its endpoints.

6 May 2022
Discord API Rate Limiting, A Troubleshooting Guide

This article provides you with the tools needed to fix any Discord API rate limiting issues that you encounter.

22 April 2022
What’s Taking So Long? Task-Based Promise Performance Analysis in Node.js

If we want to understand the architectural performance of our system, we need to first measure the steps taken to process a request.

11 April 2022
Build a Plugin System With Node.js

Writing a plugin system enables your application to be extensible, modular, and customizable. Learn how to write your own from scratch using Node.js and TypeScript.

8 April 2022
Plugin Architecture Overview Between Express, Fastify and NestJS

Learn how the most popular Node.js web frameworks approach extensibility and modularity throughout different plugin patterns.

1 April 2022
Generate WebAssembly With AssemblyScript, a TypeScript-like Language

Learn how to write WebAssembly code with the familiarity of a TypeScript-like language, create low-level code with the existing web ecosystem you already know.

28 March 2022
Track Your Favorite Crypto Prices in Slack With This Node.js Bot

Track your favorite crypto coins and get notifications of price changes in Slack using Node.js and JavaScript

25 March 2022
Running Multi-Tenant Grafana, Tempo, and Loki on AWS at Scale

This blog will detail how we run the infrastructure for the Grafana Loki Tempo (GLT) stack at Fusebit.

25 March 2022
Free API Health Monitoring And Alerting for Early Stage Startups

Monitor the health and uptime of your HTTP API using Google Sheets, and get downtime alerts through Slack. Completely free. Set up in 2 minutes.

24 March 2022
Create an Interactive Image Carousel in Slack

Learn how to use Slack block kit to build an interactive Image Carousel

23 March 2022
Upload Google Spreadsheet Chart to Slack

This post shows how you can automate sending Google Spreadsheet charts to Slack on a schedule. No programming experience is required.

23 March 2022
Signing JWT Securely From Your Browser Using WebCrypto

In this post, we will explore the basic mechanics of Web Cryptography API RSA key generation, creating PEM certificates for use with SSH or other environments, and how to use those keys to sign JWTs for web authentication.

22 March 2022
Discontinuous Semver, Versioning in the Land of Monolithics

Discontinuous, in that not every package has a unique version at every numerical increment. And semver in that we still hold true to the core Semantic Versioning concepts major, read to learn more!

18 March 2022
Google Calendar Webhooks with Node.js

Google’s Calendar API provides push notifications that let you watch for changes to resources. Learn how to create WebHooks to listen and respond to Calendar changes using Node.js.

18 March 2022
API Metering for Express Apps Using BigQuery

This post introduces Express middleware that allows you to start sending HTTP API metering data from your app to BigQuery in under ten minutes.

14 March 2022
Supercharge your Webmaster Skills using the Google Search Console API with Node.js

Google’s Search Console API is an extremely useful tool for webmasters who rely on traffic data and SEO optimizations as a critical part of informing their online strategy.

11 March 2022
Five Things Not to Do When Building Your SaaS CLI

If you decide to make a command line tool for your SaaS, great! Here’s a list of things not to do!

10 March 2022
Monkey Patching http.request for Fun and Profit

Let’s explore how we can monkey patch the Node.js `http` library (and, by extrapolation, `https` as well) to annotate every request made from the environment.

10 March 2022
Google Forms Push Notifications with Node.js

Learn how you can create and subscribe to form events using Node.js with push notifications.

10 March 2022
Building an Emergency Circuit Breaker with AWS WAF

This blog will explore an easier way to deal with may requests by creating a big red button using AWS WAF (web application firewall)

10 March 2022
API Metering and Analytics for Early Stage Startups

This post will help you set up a simple metering and reporting system for the HTTP APIs of your app using BigQuery and DataStudio

4 March 2022
Google Forms New API Using Node.js

Google Forms API is currently in open beta. Learn what you can do and how to do it using Node.js even before Google supports their Node.js SDK.

3 March 2022
Embed Grafana for Your Customers in React

Let's dive deep into the code that integrated Grafana with Fusebit's ReactJS app, providing graphing, tracing, and visualization for their customers.

24 February 2022
GitHub OAuth Apps vs GitHub Apps

GitHub Apps are the way to integrate with GitHub. It supports OAuth Apps and GitHub Apps. Understanding what app you should create is critical for your integration capabilities.

23 February 2022
Node.js Adds Support for Direct Registry-less HTTPS Imports

Node is planning to introduce support for HTTPS imports in Node 18 - a feature that enables you to use urls to directly import modules over HTTPS into your project.

16 February 2022
Blue Green Deployments on AWS

Blue-Green deployments is a deployment strategy that avoids downtime during application deployments and can easily roll back if a deployment fails.

15 February 2022
Run Every Node.js Version in AWS Lambda

Run any version of Node.js in AWS Lambda within hours after release using custom AWS Lambda runtimes from Fusebit

10 February 2022
Why Private Npm Registries Matter and How Verdaccio Makes It Easy

You should consider setting up a private registry to protect against unforeseen circumstances and enhance collaboration across your team.

8 February 2022
Webhook Rate Limits and Throttling

In this blog post you will learn the importance to rate limit in webhooks, rate limiting techniques, exponential backoff retry strategy and general rate limiting recommendations.

4 February 2022
Simple Authorization Model for HTTP APIs

Simple yet flexible authorization model for your HTTP APIs, based on lessons learned at Fusebit.

2 February 2022
fetch() In Node.js Core: Why You Should Care

Node 17.5 introduces support for the fetch() HTTP client, a new way to send requests to HTTP APIs.

24 January 2022
Run Node.js from Google Sheets

Import data from any API or data source to Google Sheets using Node.js, NPM, and Fusebit Connectors.

13 January 2022
Mocking With Undici Like a Pro

This post goes into detail into Undici's mocking support, which enables you to write fast and reliable unit tests.

6 January 2022
How to Secure Your HTTP APIs

This post will review a few HTTP API access control approaches, from simple API keys to OAuth.

7 October 2021
Fusetunnel - A Fast, Scalable, and Free Tunnel

Fusetunnel is end-to-end encrypted, giving a developer greater security for sharing your localhost app.

6 October 2021
Make Git Your API

When designing HTTP APIs for your application, it sometimes makes sense to embrace git as a part of the protocol.