Fusebit Raises Seed Round

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SEATTLE, WA -- Fusebit (https://fusebit.io), a Seattle-based developer platform for product integrations, has today announced the close of $3.3 million in seed-round funding.

Four Rivers, a San Francisco-based firm specializing in investments in the developer tools space, led the $3.3 million round, with participation from Seattle’s Founders’ Co-op. Angel investors include Eugenio Pace and Jonathan Gelsey, the current and former CEO of Auth0.

Founded by Auth0, Microsoft, and Apple alumni with deep roots in developer tools, Fusebit enables SaaS engineering teams to quickly add powerful integrations to their products, while optimizing for developer joy and productivity. The Fusebit platform abstracts third-party APIs and runs infrastructure at scale so that SaaS vendors can deliver the integrations their customers need, while focusing more time on their core businesses.

SaaS vendors increasingly realize that providing powerful product integrations to their users helps them differentiate themselves from the competition and increases retention. Leveraging Fusebit can dramatically accelerate time-to-market and reduce TOC by eliminating the need to build a dedicated engineering team and develop in-house expertise.

Tomasz Janczuk, Fusebit CEO

Fusebit’s platform has already found early traction with high-growth companies like Hyperproof, a Bellevue-based compliance operations platform.

Our integration needs are very custom and complex. The Fusebit platform stood out from the alternatives because of its power, flexibility, and speed in bringing integrations to production.

Craig Unger, Hyperproof CEO

Other customers include Factory Four, a manufacturing system vendor based in Los Angeles.

Fusebit has become an indispensable part of all of our customers’ deployments. Without Fusebit, we would not be able to keep up with the unique integration requirements of manufacturing’s fragmented software ecosystem.

Alex Mathews, Factor Four CEO

This round of funding will fuel product development and the overall infrastructure needed to support its growing developer customer base. Incorporating lessons from developer-focused product companies, the team is expanding their product-led growth effort through developer communities.

We see an accelerating trend of unbundling in SaaS application development in which parts of the solution are delivered by partners instead of being built in-house. Fusebit wants to lead that trend when it comes to integrations, just like Stripe did for payments, and Twilio for messaging.

Tomasz Janczuk, Fusebit CEO

Fusebit has embraced the remote working culture and hires based on talent, not location. If you’re interested in a highly rewarding work environment, please reach out to contact@fusebit.io to inquire about engineering roles and developer-focused marketing roles.


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