Running node.js code in 2 mouse clicks using haiku-http

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If you are reading this, you have obviously clicked already once to get to this post. So you only have 1 click left – use it on one of the sample links below.

Then you can experiment more with haiku-http, read about haiku-http vision and design, or get the code on GitHub.

Hello, world

Here is the ‘Hello, world’ rite of passage:

res.end('Hello, world!\n')

War and peace

How many times do the words “war” and “peace” appear on today?



var query = require('url').parse(req.url, true).query  
var word = query.word || 'the'  
var request = require('request')  
request('', function (error, response, body) {  
    if (error || response.statusCode !== 200) {  
        res.end('Unexpected error getting\n')  
    else {  
        var count = 0, index = 0  
        while (0 !== (index = (body.indexOf(word, index) + 1)))  
        res.end('Number of times the word "' + word + '" occurs on is: ' + count + '\n')  

Fetch data from MongoDB

Return documents from MongoDB that match search criteria.

All documents:

Only documents for ‘’ host:

var query = require('url').parse(req.url, true).query  
var mongoUrl = query['db'] || 'mongodb://'  
var filter = query['host'] ? { hosts: query['host'] } : {}  
require('mongodb').connect(mongoUrl, function (err, db) {  
    if (notError(err))  
        db.collection('apps', function (err, apps) {  
            if (notError(err))  
                apps.find(filter).toArray(function (err, docs) {  
                    if (notError(err)) {  
function notError(err) {  
    if (err) {  
    return !err  

Time for more

Experiment more with haiku-http, read about haiku-http vision and design, or get the code on GitHub.

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