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Today we are announcing the first release of WCF Web APIs on wcf.codeplex.com, just in time for PDC 2010. There has already been some buzz about WCF investments in HTTP and Web technologies, and today is the day.


If you haven’t had a chance to watch Glenn Block’s talk at PDC 2010 that explains what we are doing and why, make sure to check it out. At the high level, these are the components available in our first Codeplex release (and there are more to come):

  • WCF Support for jQuery: components that facilitate creating WCF web services that are optimized for consumption from JavaScript clients running in a browser, in particular jQuery. This includes better support for the JSON format as well as application/x-www-form-urlencoded. Read more about this feature on my next blog post.
  • WCF HTTP: a brand new WCF HTTP processing stack that makes programming WCF web services easy with a set first class concepts and utilities targeting the HTTP protocol. Read more about this aspect at Glenn Block’s blog.

So go explore wcf.codeplex.com, download the binary release, read the documentation, download or browser the code, start a discussion, or otherwise let us know what you think!


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