First stable release of the Laharsub pub/sub service for web clients

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After extensive stress and performance testing and improvements, here is the first stable release of Laharsub. Looking forward to your comments.


Make sure to check out the article about Laharsub performance under load to see how Laharsub is doing and help set your expectations.

The Laharsub 2010.10.09 release contains:

  1. Extensive stress testing and improvements of stability and reliability of the server under load.

  2. Performance measurements under load.

  3. A new test client to perform your own stress testing.
    Functionally there are no changes compared to the previous release:

  4. Laharsub pub\sub server based on .NET 4.0 WCF HTTP service that implements the REST publish/subscrive APIs for creating topics, publishing to a topic, and subscribing to topics. The implementation uses HTTP long polling protocol with subscription multiplexing for improved performance.

  5. .NET 4.0 client.

  6. Silverlight 4 client.

  7. jQuery client.

  8. Samples

  9. Unit tests


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