Powerful Integration Platform for Developers

Our code-first integration platform and SaaS connectors remove the headaches of dealing with many different APIs.

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Integration platform for developers

Spendless time learning and more time coding_

Fusebit supports popular SaaS APIs so you don’t have to become an integration expert. Our simple, uniform model covers all your integration needs in one place.


Connectors to most popular third-party APIs accelerate development work

Ready-made templates

Ready-made templates for common scenarios such as bots, task sync, and many others

Standardized authentication model

Standardized authentication model covers OAuth2 and other auth schemes

Leave boilerplate integration code to us_

Focus your time on the core integration logic while Fusebit takes the boilerplate off your plate.

  • Robust multi-tenant runtime keeps your
    customer data secure
  • Third-party auth token storage + automatic
  • Embeddable white-label configuration and lifecycle management components
Leave boilerplate integration code to usLeave boilerplate integration code to usLeave boilerplate integration code to usLeave boilerplate integration code to us

Don't spend time worrying about infrastructure_

Spend time on what matters while Fusebit ensures your integrations are running and healthy

  • Automated health checks ensure integrations stay up with minimal upkeep
  • Throttling, and monitoring capabilities ensure system reliability even as usage scales
  • Alerting
Don't spend time worrying about infrastructure

Embed Fusebit and power your integration story_

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Embed Fusebit and power your integration story_

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Enjoy the freedomof code_

Address all integrations requirements with the flexibility of code. Our developer-friendly platform makes you feel at home

  • Extensible code-first model

    Stay productive and efficient with our Node.js and serverless stack

    We provide an extensible code-first model
  • Powerful package ecosystem

    There's a package for everything among the 500k+ packages on npm

    The package's powerful ecosystem
  • Versioning, source control, and CI/CD

    Ensures Fusebit fits seamlessly into your devops pipeline

    First-class support for versioning

Developer-friendly Operationally robust_

Built by experts from Microsoft and Auth0, operational excellence is built into everything we do

  • Enterprise-readiness

    • SSO
    • SOC 2 (in progress)
    • Premium support
  • Data privacy

    • Private cloud
    • Multi tenant
    • Encryption at rest
  • Security

    • OAuth2 support
    • BYO auth server
    • Audit trail
  • Reliability

    • Financially-backed SLA
    • Multi-region deployment
    • DR and failover

Our customers_

We believe customers are our best advocates. Here's what some of them have to say

FactoryFour logo

Fusebit has become an indispensable part of all of our customers’ deployments. Without Fusebit, we would not be able to keep up with unique integration requirements of manufacturing’s fragmented software ecosystem.

Alex Mathews profile image

Alex Mathews

FactoryFour CEO

Hyperproof logo

Our integration needs are very custom and complex. The Fusebit platform stood out from alternatives because of the power, flexibility, and speed of bringing a new solution to production.

Craig Unger profile image

Craig Unger

Hyperproof CEO

Crowd.dev logo

After a no-code integrations provider failed us due to its rigidity, Fusebit allowed us to ship complex integrations for our customers within a week! They addressed most of our pain-points of building integrations and allowed us to focus on customising our business logic, without worrying about maintenance.

Joan Reyero profile image

Joan Reyero

Crowd.dev CTO

OnRamp logo

Leveraging Fusebit enables our team to focus on innovative and impactful feature work rather than spending time managing integration libraries, connectivity, authentication code. Fusebit saves us time and allows us to stay focused on our mission, creating OnRamp, the best-in-class customer onboarding solution.

Sean Boice profile image

Sean Boice

OnRamp Founding Engineer

It is time to supercharge your integrations_

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